General Practitioner

Wirreanda is very happy to announce that Dr Romany Topsfield will be joining our LWC , a passionate GP with a real vision for wellbeing , passion for adolescent mental health and indigenous health .

She is currently based at Adelaide Vintage Health .
The first in her family to study medicine, Dr Topsfield also won a university medal for her studies at the University of Adelaide. And she’s always dreamt of becoming a GP, she is the daughter of two teachers. She has worked with the indigenous communities and has a social justice background having worked in GP based programs in Africa and Asia helping communities in need .
She  received the prestigious MO Kent-Hughes Memorial Medal and was awarded the David Game Prize for the top mark in SA and the Northern Territory, at Bonython Hall.

She is keen to be involved in our community and embrace our integrated approach .
She will be consulting in the Learner wellbeing Centre each Friday , it is a bulk billing service . All GP consent forms where sent home last week and need to be returned as soon as possible to the Learner Wellbeing Centre . If you did not receive an information package about our GP services please see Christine Williams at the Learner Wellbeing centre .photo (1)


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