Month: July 2014

Port Adelaide Football Club

Some of the players from the Port Adelaide Football Club paid Wirreanda a visit. Here are some photos from the day!

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On the afternoon of Tuesday the 22nd of July, Wirreanda Secondary School’s middle school students were visited by the Port Adelaide Football Club. Players greeted staff and students, signed autographs and posed for numerous photos. Players highlighted and addressed topics such as health, dietary requirements, goal setting and resilience. To end the session the players opened up the forum and faced the heat on questions that any media press conference journalist would be impressed by.

Jamie Maniero – Middle School Mentor 


Term one for the Aboriginal Education Department was a very exciting time

Work and Career Program’s
Maxima, a work and training provider, ran career sessions where our students completed a resume, sat job interviews and explored their chosen career pathways. From the sessions students have developed the skills to apply for jobs, sit job interviews, apply for funding for training courses, and register for a school based traineeship
We also took part in the ‘Tour of opportunities’. This program gave students a taste of various careers. We were able to attend workshops and presentations by Uni SA, ADF, SAPOL, and also had the experience of touring the new Adelaide oval. Our student enjoyed the trip so much that we did not get to school until 4.30pm. Also we have furthered developed our relationships with these organisations, and they will be running various workshops at our school in the coming year.

Walking Towards Reconciliation Project.
The Walking Towards Reconciliation Project is based on the idea of painting 35 shoes and in 35 different styles or designs from different countries and culture. This program included weekly presentations by people of various cultural backgrounds. It has been a great opportunity for students to explore the world around them without leaving our school grounds. Our project has been progressing very well. This term we will be painting our designs onto our shoes. Late in the term we will have an exhibition at a gallery in town to display our fantastic artworks, and spread our message of multiculturalism into the wider community. We also plan to auction off the shoes, and donate the funds rasied to Projects Abroad.

Community studies.
We have three students undertaking community study subjects. Community studies give these students and opportunity to complete a year 12 subject while at the same time developing their skills and providing a service to our school community. One student has focused on planning and implementing a Girls Group which aims to help young women live healthy lifestyles. Another student is focusing on The Multicultural art project and helping her students to get the most out of this by mentoring involved students as well. We also have a student who is focusing on the community events that occurred throughout the school year such as Harmony Day and Close The Gap day. She will also have a significant role in events such as Reconciliation day.

Homework club.
Homework club is another service that we offer. Each Wednesday the Nuga room is open from 3.20 till 4.30 for students to attend a session where they can receive support to complete homework or classwork. These sessions are open for all students in years 8 to 12. Please speak to Mr Yates, Azra or Mrs Thornton if you would like further information about this.

Upcoming Events.
We have a number of events planned for term 2:

  • Andrew McLeod challenge – Football carnival
  • Workshops and speeches from Flinders Uni, Uni SA, Maxima, ADF, SAPOL.
  • The ​SACE Aboriginal student pathways conference
  • An Assembly and  a number of celebrations for Reconciliation week.
  • Art exhibition at a gallery in town, as part of the Walking Towards Reconcilliation Art Project 
  • Young Men and Young Women’s groups



Walking Towards Reconciliation Shoe Exhibition

Multicultural Art Project Exhibition


At the end of term 2 we saw the culmination of the Walking Towards Reconciliation Multicultural Art Project. The program had students participate in cultural presentations from staff and paint pairs of canvas shoes in the styles of different cultures and countries. The exhibition was an overwhelming success. We had presentations from both staff and students regarding the success and outcomes of the program, including an IMovie documenting just what Walking Towards Reconciliation was. We also had a range of Special guests including Ms Amanda Rishworth Federal Minister for Kingston, Ms Lorraine Rosenberg Mayor of Onkaparinga City Council, Mr Regg Ingram Aboriginal Cultural Consultant, Mr Kerry Oates representing Ms Katrine Hildyard Minister for Reynell.

The students from the VET course catered and provided a fantastic set of finger foods for our esteemed guests Following the success of this event of the Aboriginal Education Team would like to thank leadership staff for their support, teachers for donating both time and energy with presenting after school, and parents, staff, and guests for attending our exhibition, and the students for putting in hours of work both during and after school, both in lesson time and in their breaks.

 When we ran this program, we thought there would be a number of outcomes:

  • Our students were authentically learning about cultures, countries and languages from around the world
  • We had enriched relationships between students and staff
  • There was Reconciliation between students of all cultural backgrounds
  • Students achieved a deep understanding around why bullying / harassment is so bad
  • Students were challenged but we also had three unexpected outcomes: We had certain students feeling encouraged to continue attending school even though circumstances outside was making life difficult for them. The project was enjoyable and it made students want to keep coming to school to be a part of it. Overall the project was overwhelming success. Stay tuned for the auction of the shoes. All funds raised will go to supporting our students. Also from this experience we have learnt something incredibly valuable: It’s amazing what we can achieve when we share who we are.
  • We also had students going through a hard time finding refuge in this project. Making and creating helped them deal with whatever issues they might be experiencing. It gave them a coping mechanism. 
  • We had students who would usually not agree or get along, spending time together, learning about each other and their culture, and really enjoying themselves. They even becoming good friends.


Projects Abroad Movies, BBQ’s and Hard Work

We can’t believe it is only 8 weeks until we take off on our amazing adventure to Camboida. The staff and students working on the project are getting excited and working hard towards the finish line. The group which consist of 15 students, 3 staff and 5 volunteers have been busy organising and running fundraising events to support the project. Our amazing year 12 students Beccy and Jake organised a Movie Night showing Transformers 4 at Marion which raised $1200! Local businesses and community members supported the group with donations for a raffle and we were blown away by the support of our community with 160 tickets sold to students, staff, parents, friends and family! 

The team and extra volunteers ran a Bunning’s BBQ at Noarlunga raising $1800. All of the students worked extremely hard on the day and the staff from Wirreanda rolled up their sleeves to support the group. Bruce’s Meats at Mitcham helped us with extremely generous donation of sausages, which received rave reviews. We cannot thank them enough for their ongoing support.

Each day we get excited to read updates from the school we are working with on Facebook, it has really helped us to remember what children and teachers have to endure to have an education in Cambodia. We can’t wait to go over and build a new kindy room for the children and their teachers.  

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Camilla West – Projects Abroad Lead Teacher

Projects Abroad

Wirreanda High School is taking part in the Projects Abroad program – whereby a group of 22 student volunteers visit a developing country to help disadvantaged children.  It gives educational support, support in day to day activities, a positive presence and creative activities to the children there.  While taking part in the program there is a split between physical work and working with children.  A group of students will be travelling to Cambodia in late September 2014 to work with disadvantaged children and be part of a project to build infrastructure to sustain their communities.

Listed below is some information.

Projects Abroad – Cambodia September 2014 – Wirreanda High School

Sponsorship Letter

ST Peters Leadership Conference

On Friday the 21st of February, the two School Captains (Mel and Addison), the two School vice Captains (Cara and Myself), and 35 others schools came together to discuss the simple question “how can you be a leader?”

Ms Bruno kindly donated her time to help ease our nerves of the day. As soon as we entered the school there was a certain sense of professionalism. We managed to find our way to the Memorial Hall, a very old and elegant building, but perfectly facilitated none the less.

We were almost immediately separated into groups, the group I was put in Consisted of students from, Blackwood High School, Parafield Gardens High School, West Minster School, and, of course, St Peters. I was with this group for the first 2 sessions out of 4.

The first 2 sessions were mainly there as an opportunity to get to know others and understand that even though we had come from different parts of SA and VIC we still had a variety of things in common, be it, playing the same sport or having the same leadership characteristics. After “breaking the ice” the school captain of St Peters, Darcy Kraljev, took to the podium and started to discuss the 4 stages of design, DISCOVER, DREAM, DESIGN, and DESTINY, as of that time we were in the DISCOVER stage “Appreciate what is” and learning how we could get to the next step.

The next major event was having Brigadier General Rhonda Cornum as keynote speaker, she told stories about how she had her Black Hawk helicopter shot down in the war against terrorism, about how she had been made a prisoner of war, and about how it took a lot of resilience to come back from what she encountered. She also talked about how to be a good leader and praised the use of PERMA (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment) and discussed her own form of PERMA, which she followed while serving: LDRSHIP (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honour, Integrity, Personal value).

After a hearty lunch we went on to discuss, in new groups, the things going on in our schools such as: Things we cared about, what the schools strengths were, what we are most proud of. This gave us a chance to listen and take in all the strategies and processes that other schools use, we also had the chance to speak about Wirreanda and all the powerful things we have done since introducing Student Voice and the Captains + Vice Captains. We did take time to recognise that it’s not only about the schools; it’s also about our peers and ourselves as leaders as we talk about this we had entered the DREAM stage “Imagine what could be”.

The questions that followed were focused mostly on us as leaders of the school, and, leaders in general we discussed: What our opportunities are as student leaders, what legacy we hoped to leave, we also briefly touched on what success looked like to us.

We then moved quickly into the DESIGN stage “Create what can be” and we talked about what makes a leader, we came to the conclusion that “it’s the followers that makes someone a leader” And how we could attract followers, specifically, one follower because it’s the first follower that is the most important.

The final stage DESTINY “What is destined to be” in this stage Mel, Addison, Cara and I came together and discussed what we hope to create at Wirreanda, we discussed Our Vision, Our Mission, and finally our Goals as Student Leaders.

I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to Wirreanda Secondary School, I learnt a great deal from the day and can confidently say I have a much clearer vision of what I hope to develop and achieve for this year and the years to follow.

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ANZAC Commemoration

On Thursday the 24 of April, the two school Vice captains, Cara and I, attended the Morphett Vale Youth Vigil. We represented Wirreanda and commemorated those who fought and lost their lives to provide us with the freedom and rights we have today.

We arrived on scene at around 7:00pm and exchange pleasantries with other representatives of other schools. We were introduced to the organiser of the youth vigil; he explained our active role in the commemoration. Cara and I were presented with a sprig of rosemary, which was to be placed on the memorial. It was around 8:00 when the ceremony started, we waited patiently while the announcer and MC talked about the ANZACs, what the term meant and the significants of ANZAC day.

After the small presentation, the commemoration had started. Each school took their turn in walking up to the Eternal Flame, placing their respective token and showing the appropriate amount of respect to those have had given so much for their country. Cara and I were among the last to give thanks. After the schools’ commemoration had finished, the MC came back to the podium to introduce a small group of students, who, as a part of their school, travelled to Gallipoli and conducted research on one soldier and the journey they took.

Without those who made the honourable sacrifice, many of the privileges we have today would not be here. It is of great importance we remember these men and women who laid down their lives as protection of this very way of life. Lest We Forget.