ANZAC Commemoration

On Thursday the 24 of April, the two school Vice captains, Cara and I, attended the Morphett Vale Youth Vigil. We represented Wirreanda and commemorated those who fought and lost their lives to provide us with the freedom and rights we have today.

We arrived on scene at around 7:00pm and exchange pleasantries with other representatives of other schools. We were introduced to the organiser of the youth vigil; he explained our active role in the commemoration. Cara and I were presented with a sprig of rosemary, which was to be placed on the memorial. It was around 8:00 when the ceremony started, we waited patiently while the announcer and MC talked about the ANZACs, what the term meant and the significants of ANZAC day.

After the small presentation, the commemoration had started. Each school took their turn in walking up to the Eternal Flame, placing their respective token and showing the appropriate amount of respect to those have had given so much for their country. Cara and I were among the last to give thanks. After the schools’ commemoration had finished, the MC came back to the podium to introduce a small group of students, who, as a part of their school, travelled to Gallipoli and conducted research on one soldier and the journey they took.

Without those who made the honourable sacrifice, many of the privileges we have today would not be here. It is of great importance we remember these men and women who laid down their lives as protection of this very way of life. Lest We Forget.


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