ST Peters Leadership Conference

On Friday the 21st of February, the two School Captains (Mel and Addison), the two School vice Captains (Cara and Myself), and 35 others schools came together to discuss the simple question “how can you be a leader?”

Ms Bruno kindly donated her time to help ease our nerves of the day. As soon as we entered the school there was a certain sense of professionalism. We managed to find our way to the Memorial Hall, a very old and elegant building, but perfectly facilitated none the less.

We were almost immediately separated into groups, the group I was put in Consisted of students from, Blackwood High School, Parafield Gardens High School, West Minster School, and, of course, St Peters. I was with this group for the first 2 sessions out of 4.

The first 2 sessions were mainly there as an opportunity to get to know others and understand that even though we had come from different parts of SA and VIC we still had a variety of things in common, be it, playing the same sport or having the same leadership characteristics. After “breaking the ice” the school captain of St Peters, Darcy Kraljev, took to the podium and started to discuss the 4 stages of design, DISCOVER, DREAM, DESIGN, and DESTINY, as of that time we were in the DISCOVER stage “Appreciate what is” and learning how we could get to the next step.

The next major event was having Brigadier General Rhonda Cornum as keynote speaker, she told stories about how she had her Black Hawk helicopter shot down in the war against terrorism, about how she had been made a prisoner of war, and about how it took a lot of resilience to come back from what she encountered. She also talked about how to be a good leader and praised the use of PERMA (Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, and Accomplishment) and discussed her own form of PERMA, which she followed while serving: LDRSHIP (Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honour, Integrity, Personal value).

After a hearty lunch we went on to discuss, in new groups, the things going on in our schools such as: Things we cared about, what the schools strengths were, what we are most proud of. This gave us a chance to listen and take in all the strategies and processes that other schools use, we also had the chance to speak about Wirreanda and all the powerful things we have done since introducing Student Voice and the Captains + Vice Captains. We did take time to recognise that it’s not only about the schools; it’s also about our peers and ourselves as leaders as we talk about this we had entered the DREAM stage “Imagine what could be”.

The questions that followed were focused mostly on us as leaders of the school, and, leaders in general we discussed: What our opportunities are as student leaders, what legacy we hoped to leave, we also briefly touched on what success looked like to us.

We then moved quickly into the DESIGN stage “Create what can be” and we talked about what makes a leader, we came to the conclusion that “it’s the followers that makes someone a leader” And how we could attract followers, specifically, one follower because it’s the first follower that is the most important.

The final stage DESTINY “What is destined to be” in this stage Mel, Addison, Cara and I came together and discussed what we hope to create at Wirreanda, we discussed Our Vision, Our Mission, and finally our Goals as Student Leaders.

I would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you” to Wirreanda Secondary School, I learnt a great deal from the day and can confidently say I have a much clearer vision of what I hope to develop and achieve for this year and the years to follow.

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