Walking Towards Reconciliation Shoe Exhibition

Multicultural Art Project Exhibition


At the end of term 2 we saw the culmination of the Walking Towards Reconciliation Multicultural Art Project. The program had students participate in cultural presentations from staff and paint pairs of canvas shoes in the styles of different cultures and countries. The exhibition was an overwhelming success. We had presentations from both staff and students regarding the success and outcomes of the program, including an IMovie documenting just what Walking Towards Reconciliation was. We also had a range of Special guests including Ms Amanda Rishworth Federal Minister for Kingston, Ms Lorraine Rosenberg Mayor of Onkaparinga City Council, Mr Regg Ingram Aboriginal Cultural Consultant, Mr Kerry Oates representing Ms Katrine Hildyard Minister for Reynell.

The students from the VET course catered and provided a fantastic set of finger foods for our esteemed guests Following the success of this event of the Aboriginal Education Team would like to thank leadership staff for their support, teachers for donating both time and energy with presenting after school, and parents, staff, and guests for attending our exhibition, and the students for putting in hours of work both during and after school, both in lesson time and in their breaks.

 When we ran this program, we thought there would be a number of outcomes:

  • Our students were authentically learning about cultures, countries and languages from around the world
  • We had enriched relationships between students and staff
  • There was Reconciliation between students of all cultural backgrounds
  • Students achieved a deep understanding around why bullying / harassment is so bad
  • Students were challenged but we also had three unexpected outcomes: We had certain students feeling encouraged to continue attending school even though circumstances outside was making life difficult for them. The project was enjoyable and it made students want to keep coming to school to be a part of it. Overall the project was overwhelming success. Stay tuned for the auction of the shoes. All funds raised will go to supporting our students. Also from this experience we have learnt something incredibly valuable: It’s amazing what we can achieve when we share who we are.
  • We also had students going through a hard time finding refuge in this project. Making and creating helped them deal with whatever issues they might be experiencing. It gave them a coping mechanism. 
  • We had students who would usually not agree or get along, spending time together, learning about each other and their culture, and really enjoying themselves. They even becoming good friends.



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