Term one for the Aboriginal Education Department was a very exciting time

Work and Career Program’s
Maxima, a work and training provider, ran career sessions where our students completed a resume, sat job interviews and explored their chosen career pathways. From the sessions students have developed the skills to apply for jobs, sit job interviews, apply for funding for training courses, and register for a school based traineeship
We also took part in the ‘Tour of opportunities’. This program gave students a taste of various careers. We were able to attend workshops and presentations by Uni SA, ADF, SAPOL, and also had the experience of touring the new Adelaide oval. Our student enjoyed the trip so much that we did not get to school until 4.30pm. Also we have furthered developed our relationships with these organisations, and they will be running various workshops at our school in the coming year.

Walking Towards Reconciliation Project.
The Walking Towards Reconciliation Project is based on the idea of painting 35 shoes and in 35 different styles or designs from different countries and culture. This program included weekly presentations by people of various cultural backgrounds. It has been a great opportunity for students to explore the world around them without leaving our school grounds. Our project has been progressing very well. This term we will be painting our designs onto our shoes. Late in the term we will have an exhibition at a gallery in town to display our fantastic artworks, and spread our message of multiculturalism into the wider community. We also plan to auction off the shoes, and donate the funds rasied to Projects Abroad.

Community studies.
We have three students undertaking community study subjects. Community studies give these students and opportunity to complete a year 12 subject while at the same time developing their skills and providing a service to our school community. One student has focused on planning and implementing a Girls Group which aims to help young women live healthy lifestyles. Another student is focusing on The Multicultural art project and helping her students to get the most out of this by mentoring involved students as well. We also have a student who is focusing on the community events that occurred throughout the school year such as Harmony Day and Close The Gap day. She will also have a significant role in events such as Reconciliation day.

Homework club.
Homework club is another service that we offer. Each Wednesday the Nuga room is open from 3.20 till 4.30 for students to attend a session where they can receive support to complete homework or classwork. These sessions are open for all students in years 8 to 12. Please speak to Mr Yates, Azra or Mrs Thornton if you would like further information about this.

Upcoming Events.
We have a number of events planned for term 2:

  • Andrew McLeod challenge – Football carnival
  • Workshops and speeches from Flinders Uni, Uni SA, Maxima, ADF, SAPOL.
  • The ​SACE Aboriginal student pathways conference
  • An Assembly and  a number of celebrations for Reconciliation week.
  • Art exhibition at a gallery in town, as part of the Walking Towards Reconcilliation Art Project 
  • Young Men and Young Women’s groups




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