Aboriginal Education Term 2 Summary

This term had a number of fantastic events, excursions and programs along with the regular support services we provide:

We provide tutoring for a number of Aboriginal students. Our senior students in particular received some outstanding grades in selected subjects. Additionally our junior students have made progress in their subjects and lessons as well. This term we are continuing this support to help maintain student’s grades, and to improve their English and Maths. So, the Aboriginal Education team offers tuition to each Aboriginal student at least once a week. We have started semester 2, therefore the tuition timetable has changed, and Aboriginal students have been given a letter informing them and their parents of their tuition time.

Also worth noting is that we provide Year 11 and 12 study line Tuesday lesson 1 to 3, Wednesday 6 and 7, and Fridays lesson 1 to 3. Additionally we run catch up session for year 8’s, 9‘s and 10’s at recess on Monday, and lunch on Wednesday and Friday.

Andrew McLeod football challenge.
The Andrew McLeod football challenge involved a group of year eight and nine students who did an outstanding job at representing our school. Although we did not win the carnival, our girls played extremely well and showed teamwork, dedication, hard work and guts, often playing against students who are older and sometimes much bigger than they were. Their efforts were recognised by the facilitators of the program

Add photos of Andrew McLeod football challenge.

We have some students participating in community studies. I have to continue to show and exhibits and outstanding skills. These students played a crucial role in reconciliation week and the events that followed. They also assisted with a number of school events including lunchtime programs, multi-cultural sessions, art and painting courses, and The walking towards reconciliation exhibit. Because of two students outstanding work they have been provided with a scholarship to attend a national leadership conference for young women. These two students will not just be representing our school and local community, but as proud young Aboriginal women they will also be provided a voice for our Aboriginal community within this leadership Summit.

Tarni arts
From this our kids went further …. They started painting, making and creating… Our students have painted canvases, made bracelets and necklaces and so much else… And then painted bowls and plates…. customised clothes.
This is why we have a display over in the corner.

But this started to cost money…. Our team had donated the initial items, however this wasn’t  sustainable… But this is where the students took over…. We went form new to recycled and natural materials and items for example students went to traditional painting on bark and stones… And we learnt much culture though this….
Then We had suggestions of selling what we were making….. And our students started budgeting, and working with finances….  Now our students are aiming run something similar to a self suffienct small business that funds students going through a hard time to attend camps and excursions….
This is tarni arts and Surfwear. Tarni means Surf in Kaurna It symbolises life, and renewal.

Why have I let you know about this….. Keep an eye out for this….


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