WSS – Part of Safe Schools Coalition Australia

How to respond to “That’s so gay” …

Change is coming.

It’s coming to schools. It’s coming to classrooms. It’s coming to school yards. And with a whole school approach, it will have a lasting effect on our community. Wirreanda is proud to be part of the Safe Schools Coalition and to further our community connections with SHINE SA . Our involvement links with our PERMA Wellbeing vision and site improvement plan but , most importantly ,  it supports young people who want to create positive change in our school.

Stand Out

Safe School poster

Safe School coalition

Omg Queer

OMG Friends guide

As the first national coalition dedicated to making schools safer and more inclusive for same sex attracted, intersex and gender diverse young people, we are creating change to ensure that every student and every teacher in every school has access to a safe and inclusive learning environment.

Safe Schools Coalition Australia builds on the highly successful Safe Schools Coalition Victoria model (funded by the Victorian Government) at Gay and Lesbian Health Victoria, a program that has already worked with thousands of school staff and students to challenge homophobia and transphobia and positively support gender diversity and sexual diversity.

Now, nationally convened by FYA and federally funded by the Australian Government Department of Education, the coalition is going Australia-wide. SHINE SA is the provider of the Safe Schools Coalition in South Australia.

The vision of the nationally endorsed National Safe Schools Framework is to build safe school communities where diversity is valued, the risk from all types of harm is minimised and all members of the community feel respected, included and supported.


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