Restorative Practices at Wirreanda!

Restorative: to give back, to repair the harm and rebuild, restore a sense of wellbeing and connection.

Recently some Australian and New Zealand schools have led the way with a different approach to behaviour management – through restorative practice. The restorative practice approach to behaviour management in schools has its origins in restorative justice and victim-offender mediation although restorative approaches have a long history as a form of communal justice in the Maori and other traditional communities.

In schools a restorative approach emphasises the importance of sound, healthy relationships between all members of the school community. From this perspective behaviour problems are viewed as a breakdown in relationships and misbehaviour is defined as a violation against people and relationships in the school and wider community rather than as a violation of the school and its rules.

To implement restorative practices at Wirreanda, during terms 3 & 4 staff and students are focusing on using restorative language. A large part of this focus is using questioning to problem solve conflict; this process involves all parties accounting for their roles and restoring the relationship in order to avoid future conflict and move forward positively.

If you have any questions, or would like further information please contact Emily Parker (Student Counsellor).


Restorative questions.

For those who have been harmed:

  • What did you think when you realised what had happened?
  • What impact has this incident had on you and others?
  • What has been the hardest thing for you?
  • What do you think needs to happen to make things right?

For those who have done the wrong thing:

  • What happened?
  • What were you thinking about at the time?
  • What have you thought about since?
  • Who has been affected by what you have done? In what way?
  • What do you think you need to do to make things right again?



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