Projects Abroad Day One

The sense of excitement and anticipation at the airport this morning was incredible. Students and families gathered to wish us well on our travels. Mr Lunniss and Ms Fishpool wished us well and set the tone of the trip by giving their support, reiterated our purpose and expressed their pride in the hard work in the lead up to our expedition to Cambodia. What was evident on the flight to Singapore and our night stop over was the sense of unity and coming together exhibited to the group as a whole . Students embraced locals from the get go, displaying a true Wirreanda wellbeing nature. What was heart warming was watching students across all year levels who in normal circumstances would not interact come together , look out for another and embrace the new experiences they encountered. I can’t wait to see how this experience unfolds. A very tired Wirreanda Projects Abroad team is now hitting their pillows as a 5.30 am wake up and flight to Cambodia is scheduled for the morning . Members of the public approached us to express how mature and well mannered our students behaved, their sense of focus and purpose is evident. I have no doubt this trip will enhance us all in so many ways.

Teresa Bruno


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