Projects Abroad Day 2

The 5.15 am wake up call I organised to all rooms this morning in Singapore was naturally well received 🙂 Bleary eyed we headed to the foyer to start the next stage in our journey. We started our day by wishing Kaylee a happy birthday with a bus sing a long with genuine well wishes. The objective of our journey to Siem Reap was clear – to provide safe environment for rural community children to receive a well rounded educational experience from our Wirreanda Team at the New Hope for Children Association (NHCP). We will do this by constructing a kindergarten unit for NHCA schools. We will also work on teaching and care activities including English lessons, games, activities , hygiene, songs, a soccer program and general support for local teachers.

Students have now become accustomed to the paperwork and forms of exiting and entering a country – literacy skills have increased in the small period we have been away. Along with knowledge of cultural customs, community awareness, personal responsibility and numeracy skills with currency conversion to name a few . I like to mention each ACARA capability we have covered on our bus trips, let’s just say the Projects Abroad team are ” all over it “.
We arrived in Siem Reap at 9.30 am , it has been full steam ahead ever since . We had lunch at our guest house followed by induction into Cambodian local customs and orientation. Students have had to deal with very humid conditions and are coping very well.
We then headed out to New Hope for Children Association (NHCP) for a brief placement and community visit . It was at this point that the whole group understood our purpose and focus. We met the director of NHCP and saw the mound of rocks that we will spend 2 weeks creating into a kindergarten room. Our captain and vice captain Mel and Cara presented the director with a gift from Wirreanda , and the students explained the significance of the art work created by Azra Rochester . It was on the bus leaving NHCP that the students understood why they were needed in Siem Reap and spoke enthusiastically about the hard work ahead and the impact they would have.

We finished the evening with a dinner at Amazon Angkor and watched a traditional Apsara dancing performance , we are now all in our rooms exhausted , writing blogs and journals and reflecting on an incredible day. A birthday cake for Kaylee just to complete the memorable day .











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