Projects Abroad – Day 4

Full day of work at New Hope for Children Association (NHCP). We headed out at 7.30 am, best intentions in hand, the construction crew worked on laying the foundations for the kindergarten, making cement and starting the brick work for walls. The teaching crew taught basic literacy, an arts lesson and a hygiene lesson. All students had their first physical education and soccer lesson , we soon discovered some very competitive students. We had some rain overnight so the small grass area assigned for PE lessons was quite flooded, many young Cambodian students come to school without shoes and the wet conditions did not hinder them, if anything it added an exciting element to the game .
Our Wirreanda students and volunteers continue to thrive, uniting as a group to achieve goals and outcomes they have set themselves. The significance of this expedition is evident as each student selflessly gives their time selflessly and whole heartedly. The 18 months leading up to this has been worth it, their focus and purpose increasing with each day.
I will let the photos speak for themselves. Needless to say that this is not an experience any of us will forget anytime soon













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