Projects Abroad – Floating Villages


Today we ventured out to the floating villages ,our Siem Reap guide Ray and our bus driver SolPierre have become part of the Wirreanda Crew and let’s just say they ” are all over it ” when it comes to looking out for us and keeping the laughter going. One of our students overheard a staff member from our accomodation saying ‘ Bless ‘ last night , what can we say , our enthusiasm and love of life is contagious:)
Watching these students interact with the locals, embrace the culture and keep positive has been inspirational. Every parent , family member and person in the Wirreanda community should be nothing but proud of the qualities and behaviors these young people have demonstrated. The reality of the life we take for granted in Australia each day has become evident, many conversations have occurred about how grateful we all are for the life we live each and every day. Students have witnessed first hand young children begging, selling items and having huge responsibility to support their families.
We travelled in a Cambodian boat, enjoying the rare moment of breeze .
These villages run on no electricity and the houses exist 5 meters above water . We later travelled by canoes around the floating villages while many students gave food items to the local children. A tranquil atmosphere engulfed us and we allowed the experience to wash over us. Knowing the hard work that awaits us this week we embraced the tranquility. Tonight we will focus on lesson plans and curriculum for the next week and allow the year 12 students to get some much needed study time .
But not before we acknowledge Carissa turning 18 years old – happy birthday Carissa 🙂
















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