Southern Schools Student Leadership Summit


Where: Wirreanda Secondary School
When: Friday 17/10/14 (all day)
Keynote speakers: Katrine Hildyard, MP & Jayne Johnston (CEO – DECD)
Who: DECD schools from across the Southern region have been invited. The following schools are attending the event:
– Wirreanda Secondary School
– Willunga HS
– Unley HS
– Aberfoyle Park HS
– Seaview HS
– Aust. Science & Maths School (ASMS)
– Hamilton SS
– Brighton SS
– Reynella East College
– Mount Barker HS
– Victor Harbour HS
– Hallet Cove R-12
– Seaford Secondary College

The Summit will give us an opportunity to share and discuss our personal leadership skills. We will have the chance to be addressed by distinguished guests, including keynote speakers: Jayne Johnston (Chief Education Officer, DECD) and Katrine Hildyard (ALP, Member for Reynell). The Summit was initiated by our school captains and vice-captains who, after attending a similar event, decided that they wanted to create an event for young people in the South to give them the opportunity to develop as leaders in their communities. (Captains: Addison Rodgers, Melissa Hirschausen, Vice-captains: Cara Rodgers & Benny Dragovelic)


The purpose of the Summit is to bring student leaders together from secondary schools in the Southern region to share ideas on leadership, listen to keynote speakers and participate in planning for future initiatives. Keynote Speakers for the Summit will be Ms Katrine Hildyard, Member for Reynell, and Ms Jayne Johnston, Chief Education Officer for DECD.

The aim of the Leadership Summit is to enhance and accelerate the development of your own personal leadership. We will focus on five key areas:

1. Actively leading.

2. Increased self-awareness as a leader.

3. Strategies to foster positive & transparent relationships with others.

4. Methods for critical decision-making.

5. A heightened awareness of a ‘moral compass’, as well as the leadership opportunity that lies ahead.


The day will incorporate:

· student facilitated workshops

· keynote speakers from our local community, including interactive Q&A sessions

· activities which promote positive relationships







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