Student Leadership – Moving Forward

The school captains for next year are: Cara Rodgers and Myself, additionally, the Vice-Captains are: Bailey Geary and Angus Hamilton.
We hope on creating a “Senior School Leadership Team” (SSTL) which includes the school Captains/Vice and the other ambitious students who didn’t quite make it.
As a plan for year 2015 we have developed an important role for those who campaigned, but, didn’t achieve captaincy. These Students have been assigned year levels to “oversee” and promote the importance of the student leadership role, these Students and their role can be seen below:

Year 8– Year 9– Year 10–
-Isbah Sarwar- -Amber Wurst- -Jordin Bielowski-Hamilton-
-Deepali Ichanna- -Cortney Ellingham- -Celeste Cameron-
-Jessie Phillips-

Year 11– Year 12–
-Vice Captains- -Captains-

We also would like to provide the SSTL with the opportunity to look over the data collected from each of the surveys done on the students, i.e. Student English Survey, Bullying Survey; and see were the SSTL can improve and assist the attitude of the students towards the schools and student leadership.

Kind Regards,

Benjamin Dragovelic
Wirreanda Secondary School
School Vice-Captain






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