Mindfulness PD session

A great Mindfulness PD session run today with staff by Catherine Johnson from Flinders University and Kadri from the wellbeing team. Mindfulness was introduced to Wirreanda Secondary School through a trial study in 2014 , this will be explored further in 2015. It links directly with our positive psychology principles at Wirreanda.
Mindfulness is a special way of paying attention that can help with how you cope with everyday life or deal with tough times, and there are great benefits for your physical and mental health.
Mindfulness is about training yourself to pay attention in a specific way. When a person is mindful, they:
-focus on the present moment
-try not to think about anything that went on in the past or that might be coming up in future
-purposefully concentrate on what’s happening around them
-try not to be judgemental about anything they notice, or label things as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’
When you’re mindful, you get to experience living life in the moment. There are a lot of different strategies you can use to build mindfulness. These strategies will be explored by the trial study being undertaken by Catherine Johnson and Flinders University. Thank you to Kadri and Antony Yates for being part of this trial.
When you’re mindful, you’re able to pay attention to the present moment, and not get swept up thinking about the past or worrying about the future. It means you get to enjoy every little moment of life as it happens, and the impact of this on your mental and physical health is really positive.
We look forward to enhancing our understanding and embracing Mindfulness at Wirreanda in 2015.



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