Month: February 2015

Innovations in Education

This week Tony Lunniss and I presented on the Learner Wellbeing Centre at the K-12 Cultural Innovation in Australian Schools in Sydney .
This conference brought together some of the most innovative schools and educators from across Australia to discuss new thinking and insights, to share experience and plans and to consider the pathways for capacity building for the Australian school of the 21st century. In doing this we considered how our schools make the transition while retaining the core values of education. We brainstormed how to integrate a culture of innovation and progressive thinking into practice and service delivery. We shared perspectives, experiences and challenges from public, independent, catholic and international schools.
Please click on the link to follow our presentation :Wirreanda Learner Wellbeing Centre


DECD Education Leaders Conference 2015

One of our fantastic students guest speaking at the DECD Education Leaders Conference 2015. Her speech below:

“Hello my name is Cheyenne, I am a year 9 Aboriginal student from Wirreanda Secondary School. I am here to talk to you about the opportunities I have received from my education to develop my leadership and communication skills.

In 2014 I had the opportunity to be a mentor for the deadly start to high school, through communication and relationships; I was able to support aboriginal students transitioning from primary school into secondary school. I was able to show them that secondary school wasn’t so scary.

That year I chose to host a Japanese student as well as a buddy. I supported my buddy to improve her English as well as teach her about the Australian lifestyle and culture. It was an enlightening experience to know that she was amazed by the size of our house and backyard because it was something I took for granted

At the beginning of this year I was chosen to attend the university of Sydney Wingara Mura summer school. During the course of the week I met about 200 hundred other aboriginal and Torres Strait islander students from across Australia who have an interest in attending university.

In my spare time I am a CFS cadet at Morphett vale, and I am also a qualified boundary umpire for the Southern Football League. When I complete secondary school I want to be either a firefighter or politician. Being a firefighter allows me to save people, animals and people’s homes. Becoming a politician interests me because I want to have a say in what happens in Australia. Last year I was one of the student leaders in Year 8 and on day I would like to be School Captain.

For me, education gives me the chance to chase my dreams. My school has supported me as I chase my dreams through programs, activities and opportunities for leadership. The Nunga Room is a place within the school where I feel safe. The Nunga Room is a place filled with people we can trust, people we can rely on and people like Mr. Yates and Azra who treat us a family. The Nunga Room is a place that all schools should have because like ours you can be supported emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically and culturally.

I would just like to say thank you for listening.”


Valentine’s Day Fundraiser

The season of sentiment and love is upon us with Valentine’s Day next Saturday, on Friday 13/2/15

The student leadership team will be holding a fundraiser on the day to start raising money for The Wirreanda Cambodia Expedition of 2016.

For sale :

(All flowers wrapped in professional cellophane and florist ribbons)

A Carnation and a card $ 3

Bunches of 5 carnations and a card $ 10

Bunches of 10 Carnations and a Card $ 15

We are taking pre orders now, all flowers are getting picked up the evening prior and will be fresh, and Wellbeing central will become a florist temporarily next Friday.

Please let us know ASAP so we can confirm flower orders.

Remember all proceeds go towards building education in Cambodia and extending our Wirreanda Wellbeing vision globally.

Please help get behind our project.IMG_0984-0

Kind Regards




“In Defence of Our Homeland” – A War Memorial Project

In 2015 Wirreanda Secondary School, in association with The Army Museum of South Australia, are running a War Memorial project to commemorate the service men and women who served in all conflicts, at home and abroad, in defence of Australia.

The program will teach about all conflict that Australian personal have served in from 1788 to 2014. Following this, students will research a person within their own family, or other personnel who served in Australian forces. Then students will undertake a photo shoot where that will replicate an original photo of their chosen military personnel, in time appropriate and accurate uniformed clothing.

Students came to school for the first full day session in the school holidays. Students were able to discuss all conflicts in Australian history from 1788 to present. We were honoured to have guest speakers Uncle Lewis O’Brien OAM and Uncle Frank Lampard came in and talk to students about their experiences in the services as well as the Aboriginal War Memorial on the Torrens Parade Ground.

uncle lewis

Marni Naa Pudni Wirreanda Pepa Wardli – Welcome to Wirreanda Secondary School

Welcome to Wirreanda Secondary School, from the ATSI Education Team

In the Nunga room at Wirreanda Secondary School we aim to support Aboriginal students in a holistic way, and there are a number of services we provide to help your child succeed at High school. These include:

Lesson and Classroom support – a tutor can help with students school work

Tutoring – intensive support is provided for student’s Maths and English skills

Cultural Activities – we aim to teach language, art and culture through classroom sessions, workshops at recess and lunch, and other programs

Scholarships – on behalf of our students we apply for scholarships and support

Community Activities – linking students with other young ATSI people from other schools, community groups and also Elders

Sports Carnivals – carnivals such as the Nunga Tag (Tag rugby), and the Andrew McLeod football challenge that teach teamwork and the importance of  community, are used to reward students

Excursions – we have numerous excursions throughout the year to locations like Victor Harbour, The Reconciliation SA School Congress, Adelaide Markets and Parliament house

Career pathways – we help students follow any career they are interested in. This could include going to university, getting into an apprenticeship, but we also linking students with training organisations and getting jobs

Attendance support – we work non-stop to remove any barriers making it hard for student to attend school. We can support students and parents in a number of ways

Linking with support people and organisations – if you want any help with issues outside of school, we can link you up with someone who will know just what to do

And so much more – just let us know how we can best support your child!

If you have any questions, or anything we can help with, please feel free to contact us on 8329 7200

You can also email Mr Yates on or Azra on

Kind Regards,

ATSI Education Team