Marni Naa Pudni Wirreanda Pepa Wardli – Welcome to Wirreanda Secondary School

Welcome to Wirreanda Secondary School, from the ATSI Education Team

In the Nunga room at Wirreanda Secondary School we aim to support Aboriginal students in a holistic way, and there are a number of services we provide to help your child succeed at High school. These include:

Lesson and Classroom support – a tutor can help with students school work

Tutoring – intensive support is provided for student’s Maths and English skills

Cultural Activities – we aim to teach language, art and culture through classroom sessions, workshops at recess and lunch, and other programs

Scholarships – on behalf of our students we apply for scholarships and support

Community Activities – linking students with other young ATSI people from other schools, community groups and also Elders

Sports Carnivals – carnivals such as the Nunga Tag (Tag rugby), and the Andrew McLeod football challenge that teach teamwork and the importance of  community, are used to reward students

Excursions – we have numerous excursions throughout the year to locations like Victor Harbour, The Reconciliation SA School Congress, Adelaide Markets and Parliament house

Career pathways – we help students follow any career they are interested in. This could include going to university, getting into an apprenticeship, but we also linking students with training organisations and getting jobs

Attendance support – we work non-stop to remove any barriers making it hard for student to attend school. We can support students and parents in a number of ways

Linking with support people and organisations – if you want any help with issues outside of school, we can link you up with someone who will know just what to do

And so much more – just let us know how we can best support your child!

If you have any questions, or anything we can help with, please feel free to contact us on 8329 7200

You can also email Mr Yates on or Azra on

Kind Regards,

ATSI Education Team


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