Week One , Term 2

I know a lot of students (and parents/care givers) have enjoyed the school break, and why not, a chance to relax and replenish. But now it is time to push on to get the best grades possible in each subject by completing student work to the best of one’s ability and communicating effectively with teachers.

I am always aware how stressful this time of year is for many people with in our learning community. For students, staff and families this time of year seems to be a bit of a pressure point when it comes to stress and trying to maintain good and positive relationships. Therefore I thought it might a good time to focus on the basics in keeping up good relationships and improving them over time.  This is also a school focus through Restorative Practices and students learning about communication and building and maintaining positive relationships. This can be seen in terms of good connecting habits. These include; listening to others, encouraging others, supporting and caring for others, trusting others, respecting others, accepting others for who they are and where they are and always negotiating agreements made. These relational skills are important to remember when faced with a difficult situation or we are simple feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Research shows that communication of feelings of stress can reduce stress levels significantly. As the saying goes a problem share is a problem halved, especially when people share things using good connecting habits. Interesting physical activity or exercise can also reduce stress greatly. In fact 20 minutes of exercise can reduce feelings of stress for up to four hours.

So the point is life is full of surprises and challenges, so good some not so good and a few really, really bad. But you can check for yourself how you go in maintaining good connecting habits, communicate what makes you feel upset or uncomfortable and go for physical activity to aid stress.

Remember if you are really concerned with the levels of stress of your child, especially if you have seen significance changes in behaviour recently, then contact The Well Being Team through the school and we can talk.

Thanks you for your time,

Peter Norde

School Counsellor

Connecting habits –  Making and keeping good relationships

Listen to others

Encourage others

Support others

Trust others

Respect others

Accept others for who they are

Always negotiate agreements

Disconnecting habits- breaking relationships

Criticising others

Blaming others

Complaining to or about others

Nagging others

Threatening others

Punishing others

Rewarding in an attempt to control others



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