“In Defence of Our Homeland ” War Memorial Project Camp

Monday – Tuesday
We departed from Wirreanda with a little late start due to, perhaps a bigger luggage load than expected, but we finally left and were excited about the upcoming journey. I don’t think students quite thought about the length of journey we were about to embark on, with over 1200kms across several states. It took a while before we heard “Are we there yet?” but students past the time belting our One Direction, Katy Perry & Taylor Swift. We stayed overnight in Balranald, and the kids practically ran off the bus and got some rest.
Today it the first day of touring Canberra with plans for Questacon, The Aboriginal Tent Embassy and The Old Parliament. The students had fun exploring all the weird and fun science puzzles and displays. Some students tried to build a tower of blocks that could withstand an earthquake that they got to experience. Other students had fun defying physics on a 6 metre drop that unbeknownst to them turned into a slide. On our way to the Old Parliament the students paid their respects at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy that has stood for several decades on the parklands around Old Parliament. Students had the opportunity to speak to an Aboriginal man helping to keep the flame burning. The Old Parliament delighted students as they explored fun and interactive digital displays such as rights and freedoms, human rights, and so forth. Students were even able to view the Magna Carta, a founding document of democracy from nearly a thousand years ago. The last event for the night after a great dinner cooked by students and Mr. Pirone was a tour of the Australian Institute of Sport before relaxing back at the hostel.

Azra Rochester

old parliament

tent embassy fire


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