Month: September 2015

GP15-Our future in practice.

Our future in practice is the overarching theme of the GP15 conference and explored themes and topics that inspire and encourage medical professionals to consider in their practice, and the impact on patients and communities. Dr Sarah Mahoney from OCEP , Dr Tri Tuyen Cao and I presented at this prestigious conference . The conference was attended by thousands of medical professionals from Australia wide . 

We presented : Adolescent Health: Developing a model for a school-based adolescent Wellbeing centre

 This workshop allowed each of us to present from our own perspectives the experiences in developing a medical practitioner presence in the Wirreanda Learner Wellbeing Centre to illustrate how secondary schools, medical schools and general practitioners can work together to provide preventive care and early intervention for at risk adolescents.

Our aim was to have the following learning outcomes for participants:

1. How might adolescents benefit from a wellbeing centre based in their school?

2. What does a successful model for a school-based wellbeing centre look like?

3. What issues must the GP consider?

4. What issues must the secondary school consider?

5. Why would a medical school be involved in such a project, and what issues must the medical school consider?

6. How can medical schools and medical practitioners address social accountability in a local context?

7. How does increased engagement impact on students learning ?

As a panel we presented on our work at the Wirreanda Learner Wellbeing Centre and the Onkaparinga Clinical Education Program (an urban community-based medical education program at Flinders University) as an illustrative example of creating an adolescent wellbeing centre.

The initiative of the Learner Wellbeing Centre , the first of its kind in Australia , was well received and our efforts to put the wellbeing of the Wirreanda community as one of our key strategic directions was highly respected and applauded .The paper co authored by all of us as well as Tony Lunniss will be published in an upcoming medical journal .

Our Wirreanda sense of community was achieved today, as many approached us after the presentation wanting to replicate our Learner Wellbeing Centre across Australia to further enhance the wellbeing, engagement and learning of students . I was very proud to represent the hard work of the Wellbeing Team and the vision of Wirreanda Secondary School.

Teresa Bruno







Wirreanda Cambodia Project

Saturday 29th August 7.00am saw the sun rising on what was to be a warm winters day. A group of Wirreanda students, staff, parents and friends made their way to the front of the Bunnings store at Marion. After setting up the tent the BBQ was fired up and the air was filled with the smells of onions and sausages being cooked on the grill.
For the next 9 hours, though numerous crew changes, the grill was in constant use. Sausage after sausage handed to the hungry and appreciative public. When the day ended and the final tally was made all the hard work was worth it, with $2232.15 being made (just for interest this works out to be about 1 sausage sold every 30 seconds).
A BIG thankyou to all those that made this possible;
• Everyone who took some time out of their Saturday to take orders, cook meat and onions, wrap the sausages in bread set up, pack up and all the other jobs in-between.
• All the businesses that supported the day with donations of goods
• Bunnings Marion for the space
Thank you , thank you , thank you

Kirk Dixon