Wirreanda Cambodia Project

Saturday 29th August 7.00am saw the sun rising on what was to be a warm winters day. A group of Wirreanda students, staff, parents and friends made their way to the front of the Bunnings store at Marion. After setting up the tent the BBQ was fired up and the air was filled with the smells of onions and sausages being cooked on the grill.
For the next 9 hours, though numerous crew changes, the grill was in constant use. Sausage after sausage handed to the hungry and appreciative public. When the day ended and the final tally was made all the hard work was worth it, with $2232.15 being made (just for interest this works out to be about 1 sausage sold every 30 seconds).
A BIG thankyou to all those that made this possible;
• Everyone who took some time out of their Saturday to take orders, cook meat and onions, wrap the sausages in bread set up, pack up and all the other jobs in-between.
• All the businesses that supported the day with donations of goods
• Bunnings Marion for the space
Thank you , thank you , thank you

Kirk Dixon




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