Schools Plus Program

Congratulations to Antony Yates and the ATSI team for being one of the 20 projects chosen across Australia to be showcased for the Schools Plus Program .
Wirreanda Secondary School, in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, is seeking support to continue a tutoring and support program aimed primarily at its Aboriginal students to lift low literacy and numeracy levels and improve their wellbeing.
In its first 18 months, the program has seen impressive results, including higher school attendance, improved literacy and numeracy results (up to 50 per cent better), a fall in behaviour issues in both the school and community, and increased referrals to support agencies and case workers.
The school wants to expand the program to take in up to 60 Indigenous students, plus up to 40 other students who would otherwise “fall through the cracks”. These students are often chronic non-attenders, and their education has been affected by issues such as trauma, high mobility and transience, young offender incidences, serious family illness or because they are young carers or young parents. On average, their literacy skills are three years behind their age levels – some students are as much as six years behind.
To get these students back on track, Wirreanda’s Tutoring and Support program involves designing a customised literacy and numeracy program for each student supported by up to 12 hours of supervision/support each week. For some students, there will also be a focus on work and life skills such as writing resumes, while sessions are also run for all students on topics such as healthy lifestyles and relationships, dealing with bullying and grief, or anger management. The students are also linked with professional support, such as psychologists, where necessary.

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