Peer Support Training

On Friday 27/11/15, 22 year 9 students were involved in Peer Support training. Students who are involved in Peer Support undertook formal training to prepare them as leaders within our community. Peer Support is a program in which our 2016 Year 10 students are able to provide support and guidance to our new Year 8 students transitioning to High School. The role of the Peer Support students is to facilitate team building and transition activities throughout the 2016 school year.

The selected students demonstrated maturity, enthusiasm and positive leadership skills throughout the day. Students undertook training in regards to their social and emotional wellbeing, as well as strategies to support younger students, including facilitating team building activities to foster a strong connection to high school.

Staff were astounded at the exceptional maturity, humour and engagement by students throughout the day. They not only met, but exceeded our expectations. As a result, we have high hopes for Peer Support in 2016 and beyond, knowing that our student leaders are so capable of facilitating positive change in our community.

The students are keen to further develop their own leadership skills and confidence, whilst assisting with the Year 8 transition to school. The program will be student focused, with these students taking the lead role with planning events for the Year 8 cohort and being a friendly support network for our younger students.

Peer Support students will assist in the classroom and broader school community through learning and wellbeing programs.
A huge “THANK YOU” to Ms Fishpool, Mr Maniero, Scott Millar (Youth Worker) and Ms West for assisting with the program throughout the day.

Em Parker and Teresa Bruno







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