Safe School Coalition at WSS

I was involved in an event as part of the Feast Festival on the weekend that discussed the experiences of LGBTIQ teachers in schools – as part of the discussion, I had mentioned the video that our students created a couple years ago about how “It’s not ok to say that’s gay” .
After the Feast Festival event, I passed on this link to our video to a Monash Uni professor (Anne Harris) who has since re-posted it. She passed on a message to me this morning that she received yesterday – I thought the WSS Community would like to see a response to the video from Texas:

“Today one of my kids told me about a trans girl that she is good friends with who keeps getting called a boy and ‘he’ at school, even though she wants to be called a girl (and she’s been a girl to us for many years). We watched this video together (posted by the amazing Anne Harris) and now we’re talking about things the students could do to support their friend–starting with the friend and her ideas about this video. I hope you will consider sharing it with the children in your life as well.” — I hope you will let your amazing students know that they just changed the life of a kid in Texas!!!! šŸ˜€

Today I feel proud of the work we have done at WSS and its impact on the community .

Emily Parker




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