Term 4 – Tutoring in the Nunga room

In the Nunga Room, so much happens on a daily basis: wellbeing groups, restorative meetings, chats with parents, teachers and family, recess and lunch time hangout sessions, study support, writing resumes, having meetings, making phone calls and spending time with a variety of organisations to provide our students with amazing personal and learning opportunities. However, one of the main support services we provide to both Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal students is tutoring and recently in we have had some great successes:

Tyson and Tamya, two-year 8 students, each received a 10/10 score for their English assignment, which was a beautiful handwritten letter.

Tyrone, another year 8, did an excellent job of recreating the popular fairy tale “Robin Hood”. Adding his own twist to the story, he entitled his version “Robin from The Hood” and he received a well-deserved A grade.

Keisha, one of our year 10 students also received a high-grade for her twisted fairy tale story!
We still have a long way to go with tutoring and the Nunga Room – we are often trying to help students going through a really tough time. So The ATSI Team wanted to say well done to our students for showing the persistence and resilience to keep going, no matter what. We are proud of you and your achievements this year.

Have a great holidays!

Antony Yates

NUNGA room pic


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