Inclusive Learning at Wirreanda

2016 is an exciting year for new challenges at Wirreanda Secondary School. It’s even more exciting to have a new Intervention team to help deliver Inclusive Learning Support for the year!

The Intervention Team

Alison Buse is the Inclusive Learning Coordinator, responsible for managing Intervention Programs at Wirreanda and the needs of all students with a Negotiated Education Plan. With a background in a variety of subject areas (including English, Art and Music), she also provides creative literacy support in the Tute Room.

Dorothy Pretsell and Sue-Ellen Shepherdson are our new Literacy Class teachers, leading the first Literacy class at Wirreanda. Dorothy has an extensive teaching background in English, Literacy and HASS, and Sue-Ellen is  our Dance and Drama teacher extraordinaire! By using students’ individual interests and needs,their focus is to support students with developing their key literacy understandings and skills.

Becky Milne is the Literacy and EALD teacher. As the school’s brand new Spanish and English teacher, Becky will work with students who use English as an Additional Dialect, and support general literacy development.

Julia Nicholson is our Numeracy Support teacher. Julia will run the new Quicksmart Numeracy program and provide math tutoring to years 8-10 in the Tute Room.

Our senior support team is lucky enough to include Year Level Leaders Zoe Le Clercq and Sol Naidu for Year 11 and Year 12 study support respectively! Zoe will support year 11s through the Tute Room and in their classes. Until the Senior Study Space is complete, students can find Sol Naidu in the Learning Hub support Year 12 students to achieve their best.

Our Intervention Team would be nothing without our support staff! Lorraine Hooper is continuing her expertise in Multi-Lit Support, and June Chmielewski will be rotating through several classes and year levels to provide in-class literacy support.

What’s happening in 2016

Our focus for this year is supporting all students with their own new and old challenges in their learning. We have a variety of programs available in school to support students in achieving their best.

 The Tute Room is a quiet study space that students can be booked in to receive 1-1 or small group tutoring. Through the Tute Room we offer a number of Intervention Support programs such as:

  • Literacy Class – A year 8 alternative to the Spanish elective for those students who wish to develop their literacy and language skills.
  • General Literacy and Task Tutoring – here, classroom teachers request a number of lessons for students to receive help understanding the literacy demands of assigned class work, and develop specific literacy skills.
  • Numeracy Support – This incorporates the Quicksmart Numeracy program and general math tutoring.

We also provide Senior Support on Year 11 Study Lines. Until the Until the Senior Study Space is complete, students can receive support from Zoe Le Clercq and Sol Naidu on Wednesday afternoons and Friday mornings.

This year, we are super excited to announce that the Smith Family will be running a Homework Club in conjunction with Wirreanda Intervention Support. Homework club will run Wednesday afternoons, 3:15 – 4:30 from Week 5, Term 1. For a registration pack or more information, please contact Alison Buse.


Alison Buse

Inclusive Learning Coordinator

Wirreanda Secondary School

08 8329 7200



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