Partners in Parenting Program

The Partners in Parenting Program  (linked to program’s website) are currently recruiting participants for our brief, online parenting program that provides personalised feedback and practical strategies that parents can use to reduce the risk of depression and anxiety in their teenagers. The strategies are supported by research evidence and international experts in the field. The program is based on Parenting Guidelines that were published in partnership with beyondblue and have been accessed by thousands of parents internationally. Preliminary results of a trial of the program have indicated that there have been beneficial effects on a range of family factors, including improved parent-child communication, reduced family conflict, and increased parental support for adolescents’ emotions. Adolescents whose parents received the program also reported reduced depression and anxiety symptoms 3 months later.

We are eager to invite parents of Wirreanda Secondary School students aged 12-15 (years 7-10) to participate in a free trial of this program and would love to partner with you to invite parents on board. As parents may be nervous about their children making the transition to adolescence and commencing Year 7, this time of year may be ideal to extend the opportunity to parents to participate in such a program.

Further information is attached :



Shireen Mahtani

Project Manager, Yap Lab – Parenting and Youth Mental Health

School of Psychological Sciences, Monash University



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