Wellbeing 2016


Welcome to 2016 ,

The Wellbeing Team is very excited about the year ahead.

This year we will be value adding to our Wirreanda  community by extending our work further with professional volunteers from the community . Volunteers will work across various areas of the school supporting students in their learning and wellbeing .

In upcoming posts each member of the Wellbeing Team will discuss their role in implementing our dedicated approach to building positive community partnerships , continuing to build upon our whole school ethos of student learner engagement and wellbeing .

This year we continue to work with Dr Tri our GP , Cara Crothers our Psychologist and welcome Ashleigh Ditcham as an additional Psychologist to our wellbeing team , the team prides itself on providing a holistic approach to student mental health and facilitating student engagement through their services .

In 2016 , we continue to expand upon our PERMA principles of Gratitude and community service by taking part in our second expedition to Siem Reap in Cambodia and building a new school .

I consider myself incredibly fortunate to work alongside such a dedicated , compassionate team who work tirelessly to create positive experiences from schooling for all the students they encounter .

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of the Wellbeing Team for issues around student wellbeing .


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