Friendship Groups with Students

Nearly everything we achieve in life is with and through people, side-by-side and face-to -face.  Being able to build rich and caring relationships with other people is an essential lifelong habit to cultivate in our students

• social-connectedness is the single greatest factor in people being happy

• friends are just like oxygen for all of us, especially adolescents.

There are many dimensions to building friendships. They include:

• living and learning collaboratively, cooperatively and respectfully with other people

• living by giving to make a positive difference to others’ lives

• focusing on mutual respect; everyone is special; expect it and respect it

• appreciating others and their strengths to learn from them by asking tell me more

• mindfully listening with their eyes, their ears and their heart; being fully present

• being true to themselves; respect the person they see in the mirror

• building empathy for others’ feelings, needs and views; being positively mindful.

A close-knit friendship group provides students with opportunities to

• enjoy leisure activities

• learn and study together

• share good and not so good times together

• combine their strengths to achieve what they set out to do.

Having friends from diverse range of backgrounds and cultures also builds wellbeing fitness.

“Be gracious to all people, but choose the best to be your friends”

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