Basic Skills Sessions

In previous years we have found a number of our students do not feel comfortable engaging sitting tests and exams.

With NAPLAN approaching, the ATSI team wanted to make sure that identified ATSI and Non ATSI students knew what the tests are about and why they take place. Most importantly we wanted to ensure our students have the tools to face tests and exams with confidence and accurately show their skills and abilities.

Initially, we covered some general tips for time management, stress reduction, remaining calm during tests and what do when students come across a questions they don’t know the answer to.

Next, we used some fun activities to develop some basic skills: We refreshed student’s memory of one text type (persuasive texts) through arguing that Arnotts shapes should return their original . Then we looked at different levels of meaning and finding the main idea within texts through analysing a number of different funny texts (e-mails, clips, articles).

We also covered a process for tackling general numeracy and language convention problem and well as some some basic math formulas and rules within English grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Our students are looking forward to the next set of sessions.

ATSI blog pic

Antony Yates

Aboriginal Education Teacher


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