Belonging and Connection

The single biggest influence on people being happy in themselves is to have a strong feeling of social connectedness; they belong. While these connections should start with family and then extend to school and the community, in the 21st century this is not always the case. Building students’ Relationships and Optimism element of wellbeing through frequent little positive actions is the key to them looking to the future with hope. These actions include welcoming gestures, smiles, hellos, pats on the back, friendly texts, saying thank you and sorry, asking how they are feeling, giving compliments, doing five minute mindfulness activities several times daily, doing selfless acts of kindness, sharing their strengths to help someone overcome a challenge, choosing two positive personal descriptors to live by each week, spotting different ways of thinking in themselves and others, monitoring their and others’ emotions, using assertive language when they need to, recognising when they need to seek help and many other simple little positives. It’s all about broadening both their and our attention with now and ourselves. This is essentially about instilling in the school community’s members a belief that they and others matter and we all should striving, thriving and flourishing.

“Judge a man by his questions rather than by his answers.” Voltaire


Article from : ” The Learning Curve”


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