Month: June 2016

GOVChat – Parent Input

Tell us how we can help you to support your child’s learning.

Research shows that children become better learners when parents are actively involved in their education.

The South Australian Government wants to help parents to be actively involved in their children’s learning from birth onwards.

No matter what background or skill level a parent has, research shows that when parents are involved in their children’s learning, it can have very positive results on their education.

On 4 July 2016 we want to hear from you! 

Call 1800 216 506 to share your feedback between 5:30 pm and 7:30 pm

Speak directly with decision makers from government, including Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close, about how we can better support you in understanding and participating in your child’s education.

All feedback and calls received through GOVchat will help inform the DECD Parent Engagement Strategy.



Thanks to Shane Cunningham , Nick Jackson and Leah Muirhead who made donations of bottles and toys for our upcoming orphanage visit during our Wirreanda Cambodia Project.

Just over a week to go , we are getting very excited !!

Thanks to Leah who brought in her beautiful Pug ” Cannon Ball ” to the Learner Wellbeing Centre as part of ” International  bring your dog to work day ” .

Ms Parker and Mr Maniero did some role plays around how they will utilize the puppets in Cambodia.

Thanks to Leanne Bell and her daughter who made beautiful dresses for the Cambodian community .

We have started putting together our workbooks for our teaching and learning component for our trip, thank you to Craig Dunstan from Hewlett-Packard Australia who donated all the printing of the booklets .booklets

Anticipation is rising and we cannot wait to commence our journey .


Community Support

With little over a week until we board the plane to Siem Reap, The Wirreanda Cambodia Project continues to be astounded by the generosity and support of our community.

A huge thank you to Prodigy Performance and Andrew Attwell-Gill and his family for their generous donation of Tracksuits, Sports tops, sports attire  and towels for the Cambodian community.

Prodigy Performance is a 100% Australian owned business focused on providing quality products and services to the Irish dancing community and other sporting groups and organisations. They offer a vast range of performance products and  provide signature customer service and support. Their brand portfolio supports dancers, athletes, schools, clubs, teams and participants at all levels, to achieve their performance goals. “By Prodigy” focuses on the design and manufacture of Irish Dance dresses, Waist coats, Jackets, Pants and Invisalayer tops.

As always we are beyond grateful to all who have supported our trip and have contributed so positively into consolidating the incredible generosity of the Wirreanda community.


Regan Milstein Foundation

Wirreanda Secondary School continues its community connection with Kevin Milstein from the The Reagan Milstein Foundation .

Since its launch in November 2010, RMF has commenced and assisted a number of initiatives and programs to help less fortunate children in Australia, Tonga, Vanuatu, Vietnam and many other countries. These initiatives include:

• Sponsoring talented youngsters;

• Providing football equipment to various less fortunate football associations;

• Developing football programs and matches in conjunction with Football Federation Victoria and various Victorian football clubs to promote social activity through football.

• Recycling donated boots as well as pre-loved and unused uniforms for redistribution to children that cannot afford new boots or uniforms.

Today, RMF raises funds to assist youngsters who may not have an opportunity to play football, with five key interests, namely Indigenous Australian youth, to help in the development of young talented footballers, female football, disability groups and emerging communities in Australia.

While the foundation was created to help those in need, we also hope that the foundation will keep the memory of Reagan alive in the community and allow us to fulfill the expectations he placed on himself to make a difference in the lives of others.

Kevin explains ” There is no greater honour that we can bestow on the memory of our beautiful Reagan than to help others in his name” .

RMF has kindly donated soccer strips  , soccer balls and various other equipment so that our students can run a daily soccer program in Cambodia as part of our Wirreanda Cambodia Project .

We are incredibly grateful to Kevin and the RMF for supporting  Wirreanda Secondary School  and look forward to running the Regan Milstein Soccer Program in Siem Reap in July 2016 .


Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week 2016

This year’s Reconciliation Week theme is “Our History, Our Story, Our Future”. Reconciliation has always been about reconciliation, unification and celebration of culture within our school community. In 2016 we aim to build on the present culture to enhance and celebrate the diversity in our communities. The aim is to develop not only understanding, but also acknowledgement of one’s own culture and the multicultural society around them as well as the history of our society. This will be achieved through community engagement, connections and presentations during Reconciliation Week from community multicultural groups. We are running a whole assembly and school community fair.

On Tuesday 31st of May Wirreanda Secondary had an amazing assembly with guest speakers from staff, students, Cara Rankine, previous student, and Katrine Hildyard MP. This year we want to look at Reconciliation and the wider society before all cultural groups within Australia. We focused on the theme “Unity Through Diversity”. As Kadri said, “Reconciliation is not a process which occurs for one week, once a year. It is an ongoing conscious process of restoring relationships and building a sense of community together…why? Because we are all human beings and ultimately, connected in some way

We wanted to look at how we as individuals view the culture we live and practice every day and created a video. We will build on this culture of ‘lived’ Reconciliation by how we work and learn together in an environment that encourages acceptance of our own individual identities and the culture of our school.

We have over 45 different cultural groups within our school…this is a rich tapestry that contributes and shapes the cultural identity of Wirreanda Secondary School.

Please view our Reconciliation Video :