Reconciliation Week

Reconciliation Week 2016

This year’s Reconciliation Week theme is “Our History, Our Story, Our Future”. Reconciliation has always been about reconciliation, unification and celebration of culture within our school community. In 2016 we aim to build on the present culture to enhance and celebrate the diversity in our communities. The aim is to develop not only understanding, but also acknowledgement of one’s own culture and the multicultural society around them as well as the history of our society. This will be achieved through community engagement, connections and presentations during Reconciliation Week from community multicultural groups. We are running a whole assembly and school community fair.

On Tuesday 31st of May Wirreanda Secondary had an amazing assembly with guest speakers from staff, students, Cara Rankine, previous student, and Katrine Hildyard MP. This year we want to look at Reconciliation and the wider society before all cultural groups within Australia. We focused on the theme “Unity Through Diversity”. As Kadri said, “Reconciliation is not a process which occurs for one week, once a year. It is an ongoing conscious process of restoring relationships and building a sense of community together…why? Because we are all human beings and ultimately, connected in some way

We wanted to look at how we as individuals view the culture we live and practice every day and created a video. We will build on this culture of ‘lived’ Reconciliation by how we work and learn together in an environment that encourages acceptance of our own individual identities and the culture of our school.

We have over 45 different cultural groups within our school…this is a rich tapestry that contributes and shapes the cultural identity of Wirreanda Secondary School.

Please view our Reconciliation Video :





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