Community Support

With little over a week until we board the plane to Siem Reap, The Wirreanda Cambodia Project continues to be astounded by the generosity and support of our community.

A huge thank you to Prodigy Performance and Andrew Attwell-Gill and his family for their generous donation of Tracksuits, Sports tops, sports attire  and towels for the Cambodian community.

Prodigy Performance is a 100% Australian owned business focused on providing quality products and services to the Irish dancing community and other sporting groups and organisations. They offer a vast range of performance products and  provide signature customer service and support. Their brand portfolio supports dancers, athletes, schools, clubs, teams and participants at all levels, to achieve their performance goals. “By Prodigy” focuses on the design and manufacture of Irish Dance dresses, Waist coats, Jackets, Pants and Invisalayer tops.

As always we are beyond grateful to all who have supported our trip and have contributed so positively into consolidating the incredible generosity of the Wirreanda community.



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