Cambodia – Day 2 

Day 2
We awoke to the smell of spices in the air, it’s hard to believe we are in a different country! We arose from a heavy slumber still somewhat fatigued but bursting with anticipation for the day ahead. 

Each day, students will be divided into 2 groups & rotate after spending half of the day either teaching or building. Group 1 will be teaching in the morning and on construction in the afternoon. Group 2 will be on construction in the morning and teaching in the afternoon.

Dante will run the Soccer program during both sessions with the assistance of Celeste, Alex and Amber (who will rotate assisting with the soccer program) 
Teliah has been busy preparing music lessons as part of her teaching program & has brought some basic instruments to teach the children with. 

Todays teaching component included: introducing yourself, getting to know the children, reading them some of the books that the Wirreanda students made for them about Australia. 
Todays construction included preparing cement by hand for the foundations of the kindergarten, needless to say we should all sleep well tonight .

From a teacher’s perspective, it’s been amazing to see our Wirreanda students develop strong leadership skills and learn to take initiative during challenging tasks. We are incredibly proud our students’ hard work and positive attitude. We are all looking forward to going out to dinner together as a whole group & getting to know each other better. 


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