Cambodia – Day 5 

Today my group went to the orphanage, it was a really cool experience and it was good to meet some kids. Myself and Hannah went into the younger kids classroom, we went through the alphabet a couple times and they sung us some songs. Afterwards we went and did the Macarena, it was so hot in the dance room. In the afternoon we went back to World Of Hope and did some construction, I actually really enjoyed moving a bunch of rocks around. The other group taught the children to brush their teeth , wash their hands and did craft and music activities .I also got to go to Gloria Jeans, twice, it’s my favourite coffee shop at home and it was nice to go there whilst we are here. -Brianna Dewar

Yesterday my group visited the orphanage so today our group went back to doing construction and teaching at the school. This morning, and this afternoon, I did construction. It was very tiring and I ruined my nails, but knowing that I was helping made me so happy that eventually I didn’t mind. Being here is such an incredible opportunity and every day is a brilliant experience, I almost don’t want to leave.
-Zoë Moulder

Today my group went to the orphanage and went into three groups English, dance and computing. In English they sing to them and the kids showed them how to count one to ten in Khmer. In dance they got showed how to do dances and the group showed them the Macarena and the nut bush. The computing group helped the students how to use Microsoft word and they showed us how to use Microsoft exl. At placement today , we donated all the goods Mr Attwell- Gill and his family donated to all the students , they loved their new outfits.

Brenton Maroz 


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