Cambodia – Khmer History 

The first week in Cambodia for me has been an eye opening and life changing experience. I have enjoyed every minute of it. My most happiest moment so far was visiting the orphanage and dancing with the children. I learnt technics from them and we taught them dance routines such as the nut bush and the macarena. Although it was exhausting it was worth every minute to see a smile on their faces. Today we visited the killing fields and the war memorial. After learning about what happened and how many people lost their lives during this terrible time made me appreciate my life more. 
-Emma McAllister 

Today (Sunday the 10th of July) was a long, but interesting day. We went to the Pagoda and Killing Fields. Which was really cool. I enjoyed walking around looking at the photos and news article type things that were around the place. There was a lot of cultural architecture there which I really enjoyed. I liked seeing the style of each building/sculpture especially the Buddha’s. On top of the huge learning experience, there was also 2 tiny kittens which were just adorable. After lunch we headed to the War Museum which was an eye opener. The ‘tour guide’ was actually a survivor of the Khmer Rogue War that happened in 1935-1939. He got shot quite a few times yet managed to survive which is amazing. After the war museum we went to a cultural village which was cool, there were quite a few performances there which were nice. We also had dinner there which was nice. Then after a really long day we finally made it back to the hotel. 
-Chelsea Joblin


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