Cambodia – Angkor Temples 

Today we visited the Angkor Temples which was an amazing experience. Our tour guide discussed the historical context about each of the three temples we visited. Each temple was built in the 12th century and represented different faiths. The first temple was dedicated to Hinduism and the following two were dedicated to Buddhism. The last temple we visited is where the film ‘Tomb Raider’ (featuring Angelina Jolie) was recorded and produced. This entire trip has been a life changing experience which has had a positive impact on myself. I have connected with all of my peers during my time in Cambodia. The highlight of my trip so far has been being able to contribute my support to the World Of Hope School and seeing the beaming smiles on each of the children’s faces at the end of the day. I would also like to thank Ms Bruno, Ms Parker and Mr Dixon for making this amazing once in a life time opportunity possible and ensuring that we are all safe. Also a huge thank you to Rey for being such an inspirational director and making us all feel welcomed. 
Thank you, Celeste Cameron.


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