Cambodia – Daily Experiences 

It has been a truly humbling experience to watch our students shine, observing them endure heat, humidity and rain all in an effort to build this kindergarten for the students of World of Hope School.The reality that we will be leaving shortly has kicked in and many students have commented on how hard it will be to leave the children and Cambodia.

Students have equally embraced construction and the teaching component of the project, many making bonds with the students in their classes. Students greet the children at the beginning of each morning and afternoon session and conclude the sessions handing out stickers and being surrounded by the affectionate children.

Each day we leave with our buses surrounded by children waving goodbye, a sight that will long be remembered by all.

This evening we were fortunate to observe traditional Khmer dancing and spend an evening out together.

I could not be prouder to work alongside these dedicated students, teachers and volunteers.


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