Cambodia – Reflections

Our trip to Cambodia has been amazing. My eyes have been opened and the experiences will be cherished forever except when Dante scared me about gorillas at the temples. Teaching the children and constructing the kindergarten has been truely rewarding. To learn, watch and realise how the Cambodian people live, their culture, their way of life, including why the country is so poor. It’s amazing how happy the children are and their want to learn and be at school. As you can see in these few photos there’s a girl holding her 3 year old sister while doing her work at school, this is because their parents have to work and therefore they have to look after their siblings. Also you see the muddy road we have to walk on to get to the school the amount of times we’ve slipped is uncountable but this is what the people live with every day that live nearby the school. I’ve enjoyed every minute of the trip, especially with the amazing teachers we are with.

– Chloe O’Reilly 

During this trip in Cambodia I have made some life changing memories and will forever cherish this amazing experience, I am so grateful that I have been a part of something so fantastic. What made this trip so eye-opening for me was most definitely the kids and how they grew up and what conditions they have been put through. It makes me feel so fortunate for the life I have in Australia. 
I have made so made memories and friendships with the children and it will be so hard to say goodbye to them, I will never forget this experience and there has been so much happiness throughout this trip, I’ve had an absolute ball.

~Amber Goode


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