Month: August 2016

Wear it Purple Day 2016

“Race, gender, religion, sexuality, we are all people and that’s it. We’re all people. We’re all equal.”

-Connor Franta

Wear it Purple day was on Friday August 26 th .
The purpose of Wear It Purple day is to raise awareness for the LGBT+ community and to show Wirreanda’s support for them, to this, this year we encouraged students to wear a purple shirt in exchange for a gold coin donation. We ran events during recess and lunch to raise awareness for these, along with handing information regarding safe sex, the LGBT+ community, and how to be an ally to them.
The community showed their support by wearing purple and making a gold coin donation to Minus 18, a non for profit organisation that supports the LGBT community.

I believe as a school we did a great job in not only raising awareness but also showing that we support equality and fair rights.

As a school, individuals, and as a community, let’s continue to show our support and acceptance of LGBT+ people.

A big thanks to all the staff, volunteers and the GSA who helped with today’s event, also to all the people who were involved today.

A special thanks to Josh Solonsch who played a huge role in the organisation of today.

James Skehan- Youth Worker



Reporting to the Community – Cambodia 2016

Congratulations to all the students who presented at both Governing Council and the School Assembly.

The links to the video clips are attached.

Thank you to all who represented the Wirreanda Community. The Wirreanda Cambodia Project team experienced the true gifts that come from giving whole heartedly , this group not only rose to the challenge – they surpassed anything I could have imagined . 

Wirreanda Cambodia Project 2016
Cambodia 2016

Teresa Bruno