Deadly Start 2 High School

Deadly Start 2 High School

Deadly Start 2 High School is about year 7 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in secondary schools. Year 7 students have the opportunity to participate in the transition program aimed at supporting positive transition into secondary school. Several secondary schools in the south take turns in running workshops to encourage a positive outlook at high school. Wirreanda ran a program on Kaurna language and artifacts as well as a science class with the wonderful Ms Nicholson.

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A Taste of Culture for the Japanese Koshikawa students

Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students had the opportunity to present a ‘Taste of Culture’ for the Japanese students of Koshikawa. The Koshikawa students had the wonderful time of painting native animals inspired by Aboriginals designs. They students also had fun of a shared lunch of wattle seed damper, scones and kangaroo sausages. All food disappeared within minutes .

It was interest how well the students took in the information we provided and how good their art skills were…It was nice chatting to new people with a different culture and we learnt form them as well” – Breanna Trueman –

“We also taught the students about different animals, languages and laws…I had a lot of fun and so did the Koshikawa students” – Tamya Motto –

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Azra Rochester
Aboriginal Secondary Education Transition Officer


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