Student Leader- Brody

In July the ATSI team received great news: Brody, one of our year 10’s got into the state rugby team.

Now Brody is one interesting student. He is getting solid grades, is an amazing student leader (he has been helping run our men’s group) and he is a talented sports person.

The only bad news in all of this was that the state rugby was pretty expensive.

A fundraising page was started and through some generous people we started to raise some money. Brody’s family were working madly to raise funds as well.

But it was two weeks before his trip and were still short. It was then I received a strange email. After a chat whit this person I was left speechless, as this gentleman was willing to cover the remaining amount of the trip. This person was Eion Loftus.

Brody returned from his trip. He excelled and his skills were noticed by some of the talent scouts from respective NRL teams. It was an amazing trip he will never forget.

However I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Eion. He has a huge number of young people he supports. He hosted a fundraising event last month where Brody was able to share his experiences.

More info about Eion’s fundraising attempts can be found here.

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Antony Yates -Aboriginal Education Teacher


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