OCEP Program


Learning to Save a Life

Wirreanda Secondary School has been in partnership with Flinders Medical School, Onkaparinga Clinical Education Program( OCEP) now for four years. This involves Medical Students working with our students, teaching and participating in a variety of activities. This year for the first time the year 12 PE students were given an introduction to basic life support by 5 medical students. This involved how to respond to an unconscious casualty using the DRS ABCD algorithm and giving cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The students had hands on practice with mannequins.

One of the students commented “Such an awesome experience, really friendly group of people to help and support. Loved that it was very hands on.”

Learning CPR is a great skill useful for many careers such as health, emergency services and teaching, as well as many others. It is also a great life skill to be able to help out in an emergency.

DRS ABCD- Response to unconscious casualty

D- Danger


S- Send for help
A- Airway

B- Breathing


D- Defibrillator



Emily Cattanach

OCEP Medical Student


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