Month: November 2016

White Ribbon Day 

Wirreanda Secondary School has committed to the White Ribbon “ Breaking the Silence “ in schools programs as part of the primary prevention of violence against women. We recognise that the primary prevention of violence against women is an important first step to use an educational setting as a platform to raise awareness and build a culture of respectful relationships.
Today we showed our support and raised awareness by;

A lunchtime BBQ that facilitated conversations and enabled us to keep up with already established traditions.
A lunchtime staff v’s students basketball match which attracted many enthusiastic players and supporters.
An area set was up for students to contribute to the ‘rise up’ SOUTHERN DOMESTIC VIOLENCE INITIATIVE supported by the city of ONKAPRINGA to decorate a t-shirt with a message of hope. 
Pledge boards where staff and students were encouraged to photograph colleagues and peers holding a ‘we swear’ poster and post them to social media using the hashtags #decdWRD2016 and #WhiteRibbonDay.
Students represented Wirreanda Secondary School by going to the WHITE RIBBON BREAKFAST at the Adelaide Convention Centre, thank you to Alicia Dean was facilitating the morning.

A fantastic lunchtime event that had music, entertainment, facilitated awareness and as always exhibited a community building a culture of respect.

Huge thanks to the White Ribbon Team – Jamie Maniero, Ben Menzies, Ralf Pirone and James Skehan for organising today’s event.

Thanks to Azra for her BBQ skills, Amber,  Josh and the peer support students for helping with the set up of the day and Jake for assisting with his DJ skills.


Peer Support Training 

On Friday November 4th, a group of Year 9 students participated in the Peer Support training day. This program will link our Peer Supporter students with our new Year 8s to assist them in their transition to High School at the beginning of 2017.

Peer Support students learned a variety of skills to become more effective leaders within our school, this included: learning ‘getting to know you’ and ‘ice-breaker’ activities, discussing and reflecting upon leadership qualities, learning emotional literacy and mindfulness skills and planning how to best support our new Year 8s in 2017. 

The day utilised the skills of various staff and students. Peer Support leaders from this year, (Jett, Mitchell, Layla and Chloe) supported the new cohort of leaders for next year throughout the day. In addition, a range of staff including Ms Bruno, Ms DeGaris, Kadri, Ms Cousins, Mr Maniero,  James and Ms Parker ran sessions to develop the leadership capacity of our students. 

The 2017 Peer Support group were fantastic in participating during the day and demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. Your commitment to making Wirreanda a welcoming, fun and exceptional place to learn makes me incredibly proud to be a member of the Wirreanda community.

Thank you to all students and staff who were involved on the day! 

Em Parker