Month: December 2016

Operations Flinders

Designed to mentally, physically and emotionally challenge, Operation Flinders is a South Australian based charitable organisation that runs a world leading wilderness adventure program for young people at risk in the picturesque Flinders Ranges.

For the first time, Wirreanda Secondary School was extended an invitation to send a ‘team, which comprised of 10 students with mixed ages, genders and year levels. Participants were recommended to partake in the exercise, based on a number of aspects ranging from disengagement with school to an identified need to develop leadership qualities.

Over the 8 days, participants travelled 90km all over Yankaninna station on foot, carrying with them rucksacks full of all their vital equipment, bedding, food and water. Whilst the days were spent hiking mountains, abseiling, managing blisters and complaining about what they missed from home,  evenings were spent around the campfire, completing jobs and reflecting on the things important to them and the changes they wish to make in their lives.

Students were broken and challenged, but with no option other than to suck it up and persevere, they did it! As a supporting teacher, I cannot begin to describe the pride and admiration I have for those who participated and supported us. No doubt this has been a life changing experience for all involved and one that I hope all our participating students can look back on and recognise as a major accomplishment in their lives.
Alicia Dean

Health and Physical Education/VET Sport and Recreation /Specialist Sport Course