New Staff in the LWC in 2017


In 2017 we welcome placement students from the Australian College of Applied Psychology, Flinders University Social Work and the Flinders Medical school. Each placement at Wirreanda is aimed to assist in building resilience and positive relationships for our students.

Eliza Farrell joins us from re-engage as our new Youth Worker, her focus in 2017 will be around running the breakfast club on Wednesdays,assisting local families and need, lunchtime programs and case management of students.

Hi all, I am really happy to be given the opportunity to fulfill my counselling placement at Wirreanda Secondary School.  I come from an Italian background and I am the proud mother of three beautiful children, one precious granddaughter and a 14-year-old pet dog called Molly.I have chosen the counselling pathway in recent years, as I know I have the passion and determination to support young people with respect, understanding and integrity. My dedication to supporting people at risk extends to my service in volunteering for lifeline. I am able to develop the use of self-awareness and mindfulness through the tools of meditation and visualization.I look forward to working with the teachers, parents, the community and students.Thank you for making me feel welcomed.  I would love to make myself accessible to provide the students with my counselling skills and my nurturing manner. Looking forward to working with you all.


Hi my name is Bec & I will be working here at Wirreanda as a student Placement counsellor for the next 6 months. I am a mother to two young children & a small business owner. I am passionate about working with young people & I really look forward to working alongside some of the students here to help set & achieve your future goals. Thank you for making me feel so welcome!

My name is Eliza Farrell, I am the new Youth Worker at school, I’m around the place on Mondays and Wednesday, you can find me in the Wellbeing Hub. My hobbies include spending time at the beach with my family and friends and attending music festivals. My motto in life is to make the most of every day.Im keen to get to know you all and learn your likes and interests.Feel free to come in and say hello and share your ideas with me.


Hello my name is Helen Sleeman, I am a Social Worker who will be spending some time at Wirreanda Secondary School working in the role of Child Wellbeing Practitioner. I will be working across four schools in the southern region. My role is to offer support to families who may be facing some challenges and to link them to suitable services within their community. The Child Wellbeing Program is run by the Education Department and has been created as an extra resource to work with schools and families, to offer support and assistance in an early intervention approach where a young person’s wellbeing may be of concern. The school leadership team is a good place to start if you would like to know more about my role. I look forward to continuing to work as a supportive part of the school community.

We warmly welcome all new staff and student placements at Wirreanda.







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