Welcome to Term 2 from the Aboriginal Education Team!

Welcome to Term 2 from the Aboriginal Education Team!

Sometimes there are tough things that happen in our community. But with support from our Aboriginal community we can come together and find strength. One time was the Nunga tag football carnival in term 1. Our students had some fun and built their team work skills with challenging games with other students from around the state. We learnt a huge amount about a local service and training providers, from Nunkuwarrin yunti to Tauondi College and more. But what was most enjoyable was catching up our friends, family and elders.  Supporting staff said how outstanding our students were – they not only participated beautifully and worked with all of the different services providers, but they also were great role models.

We would like to take this time to remind you about who is in the Aboriginal Education Team, and what we do:

Our Contact Details:

Phone: 08 8329 7200 (and ask for the Aboriginal Education Team)

Email: antony.yates482@schools.sa.edu.au , makayla.kadow429@schools.sa.edu.au , lee.thulborn570@schools.sa.edu.au , Debbie.Johnson626@schools.sa.edu.au

School website: http://wirreandasecondary.sa.edu.au/

Our Team

Makayla Kadow: ASETO for Year 8 and 9. She supports with Well Being, Year 8 Transition and Attendance

Lee Thulborn: Tutor and ASETO for Year 10 and 11. She supports with Well Being, Attendance, Career Pathways and helping students get their SACE (Pass year12).

She also helps with Tutoring (English and Math skills for junior students and SACE subjects for Seniors)

Deb Johnson: ASETO – for Year 12 supports with Well Being, Attendance, Helping students get their SACE

Antony Yates: Aboriginal Education Teacher – Tutoring for all students, One Plans, Case Management and SACE

How we help:

  • Transition: Helping your child get use to life at high school
  • Study session (tutoring): Intensive support for your child’s Maths and English skills and for senior student’s compulsory subjects. This includes challenging them so they achieve good grades.
  • OnePlan (ILP’s): Tracking progress, setting goals and helping teachers understand how your child learns
  • Wellbeing:  Making sure your child is happy and healthy. As a part of this we run check in sessions and Wellbeing groups that build up student’s life skills and learn about culture. This includes excursions and community events
  • Attendance: Monitoring days missed from school and helping with barriers that make it hard to get to school
  • Career pathways: Helping students explore careers and get into their dream job. For example Uni, apprenticeships or TAFE and linking students with training organisations and jobs
  • SACE: When your child gets older, we work on flexible ways to help then finish year 12 and get their SACE
  • Monitoring: General we keeping an eye on all parts of your child’s education

Would you like more info? Call us on 8329 7200 and ask to speak to someone in the Nunga room.

We’re looking forward to a busy term

Kind regards,

From the ATSI Team



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