Peer Support Training

Being a Peer Support Leader is an opportunity for our more experienced High School students to welcome our new Year 8s to the Wirreanda community at the beginning of the 2018 school year. On Thursday 14th November, a dynamic group of Year 9s worked closely in collaboration with Casie Coombe (Vice-Captain), Ms Bruno, Ms Parker, Kadri, and Mrs Millar. In addition, our new Peer Support group were mentored by three of our current Peer Support Leaders from 2017 – Myah, Charlotte and Hayley. The day had a strong focus on creating a safe learning space, showing respect to one another and developing skills in bringing people together.

We began our training day by getting to know one another and learning ‘Icebreaker’ activities that our students can later use to get to know our new community members next year. We collaborated to discover the traits of different leaders, and reflected upon our own leadership skills. Students discovered that many of them shared similar fears when beginning high school. After identifying our collaborative strengths as leaders, as well as areas to improve upon, we explored ways to manage our emotions. As a leader, students may find that their peers seek them out for support. Here at Wirreanda, we firmly believe that life-skills such as leadership, resolving conflict, problem solving and seeking support from the best people at the best time are essential to an individual’s success not only in school, but in the workforce and indeed, life itself.

We learned that meaningful connection to your peers, community and self can assist to motivate people to accomplish more. This was most evident in Casie’s “RU OK?” video in which she examined experiences from her own life and how she actively chose to make decisions that brought her immediate school community together. Students teaching students is a powerful mode of learning which ensures that authentic experiences and opportunities are afforded to our young leaders.

I am excited to see what this group will accomplish in 2018 and look forward to seeing them apply their exceptional leadership skills, strategies and positivity to promote and develop a supportive Wirreanda community. A huge thank you to the staff members involved for your time and commitment to developing the skills of our young people. Of course – the main credit must be given to the amazing young people who gave up their time to become active community leaders. Great effort everyone!

Our 2018 Peer Support Leaders

Olivia C, Jeremy V, Gypsy S, Aurora C, Georgia U, Sara W, Eric Z, Connor M, Morgan W, Max J, Daeshana J-P, Kimberleigh J, Mitchell S, Ben C, Tyler Walther and Danial R.

Yours in community spirit,

Ms Parker


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